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Claims Services

Claims processing forms an integral part of our broking services and we appreciate the fact
that the best way to demonstrate professional broking services is by ensuring prompt and
adequate compensation should a loss occur. This philosophy has enabled us retain most if
not all our corporate and individual clients over the years.

We append here below a detailed analysis of how we normally service claims.


We append here below a detailed analysis of how we normally service claims.

Claims Turnaround period

In an ideal situation where full documentation is received on time, our claim turnaround time would be twenty one (21) days from the date of occurrence to the date that a claim settlement cheque is issued. We expect to have the settlement offer by the fourteenth (14) day and settlement cheque by the 21st day after full claim documentation.
Last expense claims are payable within 24 hours of reporting and Group Life and Group Personal Accident within 14 days of occurrence.
Once the Client signs the discharge voucher, it is our responsibility to pursue the Insurers and ensure that they release the claim settlement cheques.

Claims department personnel & facilities in place

Our claims department personnel have extensive professional knowledge and on the job training experience. The claims department is an independent department and is headed by the Claims Manager who reports directly to the Business Development Manager of the Company. He has trained staff who assist him in claims related work.
All computers in the claims department are connected to the Insurance Brokerage Management System. The system enables us monitor the claims processing and reporting system. We also have facilities for systematic filing of claims.

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