Risk surveys

• We assist our clients to identify, understand, manage and monitor hazards they face in their daily operations that relate to their assets, operations, personnel, and what can be done to control these hazards.

• We give advice which suggest and recommend on risk improvements measures and adequate optimization of the insurance / risk management costs.

• We use external experts to perform risk surveys to our clients. We also provide risk management advices on new constructions and enhancements that would allow a company to control and reduce its future hazards.

Risk marketing

• This means “selling” your risks to the insurance market and/or performing “best buys” from the market to your risks. Our proactive marketing efforts are dedicated to create underwriters’ competition and secure comprehensive risk cover to our clients at the most favorable terms.

• At Avenue we also arrange, monitor and manage entire bidding process for corporates and public institutions.

Process Claims

• Insurance represents a promise to pay. We actively work with our clients, minimizing their stress by managing the entire claim process. We advise as to necessary action, prepare and collate required documentation, ensuring smooth settlement of the claim.

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